Public Art

My mission as an artist has always been to make art that is integrated into our shared environment. To add colour and interest, to spark curiosity, to create a focal point, to raise a smile, to highlight stunning architecture or to lead people into places they might otherwise walk past.


Engagement with communities through consultation and participation is important both to the design process and often in the realisation of the work. I find that collaboration with experts in specialist fields is also an essential aspect of what I do as an artist, constantly learning and innovating how work can be made.

A selection of work

Hearing Voices

Butterfinch Bridge

CowParade Manchester

Greenfields Park

Kingsway Park

Serpent of the Moat


Heather’s Mosaic

Victoria Mill Park

Bury Met Arts Centre

Marshall’s Arm

Lowry High School, Decorative Steel Gates

The People’s Park Centenary

Piccadilly Station Journey

Pattern of Life

Rail to Trail

Queen Bee