Green Day School Project

Whole school pulls together to create Green Day mosaic

In 2010, the school commissioned the Green Day mosaic to bring the school community together in a shared enterprise to create an environment themed mosaic that would enhance the school playground.


It was designed in workshops with Y6 and completed by groups from all the classes. Due to its resounding success, the school commissioned further projects that resulted in the Mosaic Story-Telling Path (2012) and the Native American Indian inspired circular wall mosaic (2012).


“Have had lots of complimentary comments about the mosaic already; it looks really fabulous! Well done – it has been a great project for the children to be a part of and I am looking forward to working on another next year!” (Headteacher)


For much more information, check out the behind the scenes page below!




Chorlton C E Primary


Vincent Abbey

Behind the Scenes