Teacher’s Stepping Stones Prep Pack


This Teacher’s Pack provides all the vital preparation you will need to ensure that your school’s mosaic stepping stones project is a huge success. The pack fully details the process with essential information, tips, design ideas and detailed instructions for organising the activity, and all the recommended cement mixes and quantities you will need to purchase for the class. It provides all the materials, including pre-measured quantities of cement mixes ready bagged, and equipment for the teacher to make their own ‘practise’ mosaic stepping stone in advance of instructing the pupils what to do. There is a delivery charge of £11 to add to this, if you are ordering directly via e-mail or by post to Tracey Cartledge Ltd, 22 Nicolas Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9LR. (I can send you an invoice)

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 380 × 380 × 120 cm
In the box

12mm MDF board, pre-drilled on reverse for immediate hanging
PVA adhesive glue pen
Cleaning cloth
1 pair non-latex protective gloves (medium)
High quality glass and ceramic tile pieces to suit the chosen design
Template and fully detailed instructions.


To complete your mosaic stepping stone using this kit you will also need:

Protective eyewear
A grout spreader (squeegee)
A tub to mix your grout in
Clean cold water
A pair of tile nippers (especially important for the more intricate designs)

You can purchase safety specs, squeegees and tile nippers from this website from the accessories section.