Daisy, Daisy. Mosaic Flower Pot Kit



If you’d like to make this lovely Mosaic Flower Pot, as featured in Simply Homemade magazine, here is the kit to help you!! The kit includes the following: • 2 Green frost-resistant tiles for grass blades • 2 White frost-resistant tiles for petals • ¼ Yellow frost-resistant tile for daisy centres • 2 Dark Green frost-resistant tiles for stems & leaves • 3 Light Blue frost-resistant tiles for sky background • 3 Medium Blue tiles frost-resistant for sky background • FULL INSTRUCTIONS • template You will need to purchase the terracotta pot (readily available at most large DIY stores or your local garden centre) and other tools and materials separately. We have china markers, tile nippers, squeegees etc. on our ACCESSORIES page. All the tiles provided are frost-resistant glazed porcelain tiles, manufactured in Europe.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 350 × 320 × 120 cm
In the box

Re-usable 28cm plastic circular mould
3kg (approx) bag of concrete base mix
1.25kg (approx) bag of mortar top mix
2 pairs non-latex protective gloves (1 large, 1 small)
A selection of frostproof, fully vitrified, exterior quality ceramic tile pieces to suit the design
Full step by step instructions;
Design template, where appropriate
Template card
'Transfer' sticky back plastic
Protective polythene sheet and cleaning cloth


To complete your mosaic stepping stone using this kit you will also need:

Protective eyewear
A trowel
A bucket to mix your concrete and mortar in
A length of wood, approx 32cm long, 2” x 1” ideal
A pair of tile nippers would be useful, though not essential
A wooden mallet would be useful, though not essential

You can purchase safety specs and tile nippers from this website from the accessories section.


Our refill packs allow you to make another mosaic stepping stone without buying a full new kit.

We have provided re-usable moulds in all the mosaic stepping stone kits and we want to make it easier for you to re-use them, as many times as you’d like to.

Each refill pack contains a full new set of frost resistant ceramic tile pieces and a new template for any of the designs we have available in the collection or you can specify your own ‘abstract’ design colour choice instead.