School Outdoor Wall Mosaic Kit


If your group is planning to make a mosaic for an exterior wall and you have the ability to produce your own design but need some technical help, appropriate materials and equipment to get started, then this is the kit for you!! The kit includes 60 frost resistant tiles (size 200mm x 100mm) in a mixture of popular colours (or you can specify colours to suit your design); professional quality cement adhesive and grout (grey) suitable for this application; a pair of heavy duty tile nippers (side-biters); safety specs and ten pairs of vinyl gloves. It also contains fully detailed, step-by-step instructions plus advice and tips to help you see the project through to its successful completion. For practical reasons, the kit does not include the base board but advice is given on what to purchase from your local DIY store.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 380 × 380 × 120 cm
In the box

12mm MDF board, pre-drilled on reverse for immediate hanging
PVA adhesive glue pen
Cleaning cloth
1 pair non-latex protective gloves (medium)
High quality glass and ceramic tile pieces to suit the chosen design
Template and fully detailed instructions.


To complete your mosaic stepping stone using this kit you will also need:

Protective eyewear
A grout spreader (squeegee)
A tub to mix your grout in
Clean cold water
A pair of tile nippers (especially important for the more intricate designs)

You can purchase safety specs, squeegees and tile nippers from this website from the accessories section.