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Gerbera Mosaic Kit

Product Description

Perfect for beginners, perfect for ......florists! This flower will stay in bloom for longer than most! You can request this kit with the flower in a different colour too, if you prefer. I have designed this unique collection of wall plaque mosaic kits at my studio, making the prototype for each one personally. The kits are individually packed and packaged by hand with the greatest of care. They include a selection of fine vitreous glass tesserae combined with cinca ceramic pieces and come with detailed instructions and tips to help you get started or extend your experience in the art of mosaic. If you're a beginner, you will find it reassuring to have a pre-measured bag of professional grout included, together with the baseboard, adhesive, a pair of gloves and a grouting/cleaning cloth. It's so easy to get started when everything is at hand!!

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