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Make A Mosaic Stepping Stone, Saturday 16th March, 10am 2.30pm

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Join me for an exciting studio workshop making mosaic concrete stepping stones for the garden! This is lots of fun and very hands-on. The day involves making up a design in glazed porcelain ceramic mosaic and then casting it into a stepping stone usimg a re-usable plastic mould - that you get to keep to use again at home! It is messy work, so overalls or old clothes are highly recommended. It will be small group (usually 4) so you can have as much technical and design help as you need and plenty of encouragement. Suitable for beginners. Tools, materials and refreshments provided (please bring a packed lunch). Telephone 0161 860 0387 or e-mail The studio is 5 minutes' walk from Piccadilly Station. Unit 3, 48 Cakebread Street, Ardwick, Manchester M12 6HF. With adequate notice, I can reserve a secure car park space for you for the whole day @ £3.50.

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