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Mosaic Stepping Stone Pack For 5

Product Description

This mini schools pack is just enough for a group of 5 children to work with. It is offered in conjunction with the "ESSENTIAL Teacher's Prep Pack - Mosaic Stepping Stones Project" which provides all the supporting information you need to prepare the project. It is arranged separately like this so that you only need to purchase the Teacher's Pack once, regardless of how many packs for 5 you need for your group size. The pack contains: • design ideas sheet • 5 work cards • 5 vinyl transfer circles • 5 re-usable moulds • 2 pairs safety spectacles • 5 pairs protective vinyl gloves (small) • 5 cleaning cloths • sufficient frost-resistant ceramic mosaic for 5 stepping stones (minimum 3 kg.) in an assortment of 10 popular colours + safety reminders for teaching staff. PLEASE NOTE THAT CEMENT MIXES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PACK

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